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Writing children’s picture books, whether for a hobby or a career, should be something that you enjoy. For me, it has always been about creating unique characters, developing an interesting storyline, and discovering how many I can sell.

Who doesn’t love a challenge?

I agree with the phrase that says, “necessity is the mother of invention.” When my son, Jack, was a toddler, he was fixated with anything to do with computers. He enjoyed tinkering around with the keyboard and playing video games. With that in mind, I wanted to purchase a picture book for him that had computer or “technology related” characters. To my surprise, there was none available at any of the bookstores I visited. One of the bookstore managers said that writing a computer related picture book “was a good idea.”

With the “mother of invention” in full gear, I began to think of as many computer terms as possible. Terms such as keyboard, modem, CD ROM, mouse and bit and byte came to mind. That is when LITTLE BIT & BIG BYTE were created!

I took advantage of a popular trend (computers), realized the need (as there was none available at the bookstores) and created a unique niche for myself as the first technology related characters in children’s picture books. The LITTLE BIT & BIG BYTE series of children’s picture books are popular to this day.

I also try to separate myself from the pack (of children’s picture book writers) in other ways. All my books:

· Have unique characters.

· Incorporate humor with a fun add-on character.

· Are professionally illustrated.

· Teach a life lesson.

· Provide a “hidden object” to find on each page.

· Include a B&W coloring page at the end.

You will have more fun writing and/or illustrating your children’s picture books if your characters are unique and you find your niche. And you’ll sell more too.


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