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Craig  T.  Feigh

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Growing up in the suburbs of Chicago in a household with 6 siblings had both challenges and rewards for me.  The challenges were trying to get into the bathroom (since we only had one with a shower) before my sisters and hoping that the “dark meat” on Mom’s Fried Chicken wouldn’t be taken by the time the plate got passed to me at the dinner table.  The rewards were a household that was full of love, never boring (or quiet), and always willing to play regardless of the season.

After graduating from the University of Hawaii (played baseball and frequented the beaches), I pursued a career in Telecommunications where I was a Sales Executive for some of the world’s top Companies.  I also started a niche Apparel Company and line of “Phone Greeting” Cards that were both very successful.  I’m also an Author of a few different genre of books.  

The idea for my first Children’s book came as I was at a local bookstore looking for a book for my son, Jack.  He was six years old and loved anything to do with technology and computers.  I asked the Manager in the Children’s Section if they had any Picture Books with “technology-related” characters.  After searching the store computer, she promptly told me “no, but that’s a great idea in this day and age.”

I drove home trying to think of as many Technology-related words as I could.  Keyboard, mouse, pointer, hard drive, CD ROM, tablet, cell phone, Micro Chips, and Internet all came to mind.  Right then and there, Little Bit & Big Byte were conceived.

Little Bit & Big Byte are the first, critically acclaimed, technology-related characters for young readers.  These “chips off the old block” are the main characters in an educational, entertaining, and endearing series of Children’s Picture Books. Over 90% of all school age children use the Computer and are Technology savvy.  School spending for Computers and Tablets will exceed 5 Billion dollars annually!

All of my Picture books have entertaining, humorous, and unique characters.  Each is professionally illustrated.  All have a story within a story with a fun character.  There is a “hidden object” on each page for the kids to find as well as a B&W coloring page.  Most importantly, all my books teach a life lesson with a percentage of the proceeds going to worthy causes.

As a member of SCBWI (Society of Children’s Book Writers & Illustrators) look for more creative and fun Children’s Picture Books on the way soon.  Also, ask that I give a Reading or Presentation at your School, library, or local bookstore.

I reside in Overland Park, Kansas with my wife, son, and dog Bunker.

Thank you for your patronage!

Member of SCBWI (Society of Children's Book Writer's & Illustrators)

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