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The WHOLE Truth on Why We Were Created

Who hasn’t pondered the question sometime in their lifetime as to the existence of God, this earth, and mankind? This is a centuries old philosophical question. Why are we here and how did we get here? What is our purpose on this planet? Is this life all there is? Who has the answer? I believe that the Bible does. The Bible has the answer to all life’s questions. I believe that the Word of God begins with the WHOLE truth on why man was created. We are informed in the first sentence of the first paragraph of the book of Genesis, that: “In the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth.” (Genesis 1:1) We are told right from the onset of the Bible that God is the Creator. The universe


While tuning in to the morning news today, I was made aware of the wild weather across the United States, with flash floods in the Southwest, damaging storms in the Midwest, and record snow in the East Coast. This unusual pattern of severe weather seems to be the norm lately rather than the exception. These outbreaks of bad weather are occurring throughout the world with Hurricanes in the Caribbean, Earthquakes in Mexico, and severe flooding in many areas of Australia and Chile. In other words, storms were in the forefront of the news today. It’s not just material things that these “storms of life” are damaging. They are affecting all of us, personally, at one time or another. Where ever


There is a problem in our homes and churches today and it’s called Biblical illiteracy! According to a recent ABC poll, up to 94% of high school students stop attending church after graduating because of Biblical challenges and stagnation of their faith. In a survey conducted last year by LifeWay Research ( over 3,000 participants were asked a set of 47 questions about foundational Christian beliefs. Most of the answers revealed a mishmash of heresy and confusion about Christianity’s most basic doctrines. It’s not the departures from these historic doctrines that should concern us, but the contradictory answers. It shows that Americans in general and Christ

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